Dobbs & Bishop Fine Cheese opened its doors over eight years ago on the main drag, Pondfield Road, in Bronxville, NY, a historic town rumored to be the first planned community in America.  We opened to lines outside the door as our friends and neighbors were thrilled that a cheese shop, long a fixture of Bronxville through the late 80s, had once again returned to town. 

In November, 2009, owners Kevin McNeill and Ruth Walter were new to retailing and new to cheese, but a lot of study and tasting, plus some great trips to France, California and Vermont, has slowly brought their expertise up to speed.  Oh, and standing behind the counter until your feet hurt--that works, too.


In addition to the energy and excitement the owners bring to the shop, they rely on a great team. 

Margaret, our store manager is a recent grad of The College of Wooster and brings a passion for food and a phenomenal work ethic to the job. 

Other cheesemongers you may meet include:

Joe, a college student who takes great cheese pictures.

Jack, a college student and fast learner about cheese.

Andrew, a college student, who loves to explain how different bacteria makes different rinds.

Dondre, a college student, who handles Farmer's Markets and makes great cheese baskets!

Killian, a college student and our social media go-to. 

Kehli, a professional softball player and the queen of holiday platters!

Leilia, a cheese enthusiast, who also works at a cheese shop in Wisconsin when she is at college. 

Laura a high school senior who's ready to help customers navigate the cheese cases.

Anna, a high school student, has a ton of knowledge about our cheeses!