Forget the chips and dip, try Cheese!

In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl this weekend, we've been hunting for some new cheeses from North Carolina & Denver - luckily we've sourced 2 new cheeses from NC - the first is an aged raw cow's milk cheese made in Piemonte Farm, a small sustainable 23 acre farm where cheese-maker Fabian Lujan employs old fashioned cheese-making skills - the cheese is Old Glencoe and is aged over 2 months in their own cave.

From Cedar Grove, NC we have Rosie's Robiola a soft bloomy rind, creamy, runny cheese made by Boxcarr dairy - Given that Dobbs & Bishop feel that Carolina is gonna treat Denver like some sloppy cheese curds, we've only got 1 cheese from Denver as oppose to 2 from Carolina (To reflect that Carolina will probably at least double Denver's points total) - It's a lovely cheese though, from Haystack Mountain Dairy (just north of Denver) it's Snowdrop a gentle, but tangy soft ripened goat cheese.

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